Training/Injury update. Plans for PB’s and how to resolve knee pain…

Skipped a morning of foam rolling today for bed instead.  Not sure what exactly has changed, but I’m lagging much more in the mornings (and still feel half asleep now).  It’s probably the dark nights drawing in, hopefully I can acclimatise soon!

I’ve made a couple of small changes to my training so that I am now doing front squats after 531 deadlift and sumo deadlifts after 531 squats.  I’d also like to get deficit deadlifts in somewhere, maybe in replacement for SLDL (which I currently do twice a week).  Another change is to swap normal bench press for paused reps.

Being a forward planner, I have looked at what days the gym will be closed over the Christmas/NYE weeks (which fall on my heaviest week – doh!).  And I’ve made a plan instead to do just two weights days for each week and go for a proper 1rm on the 4 main lifts.  I said somewhere near the middle of the year that I’d like to hit a 200kg deadlift, 180kg squat, 100kg bench  by the end of the year and I’m on track to be there.  Hopefully with a session dedicated to it I’m aiming for 200+ deadlift, maybe a 200 squat (with wraps) and 100+ on the bench.  God only knows what I can get up for OHP but 70kg would make me very happy.

I’ve had some shin/knee pain for the past few weeks that seems to be going now thanks to Absorbine (a horse liniment!) and by “flossing” the patella tendon.  I’d tried flossing last year when I had elbow pains and it didn’t seem to help, but it gave instant relief to my knee.  The equipment you need to do it is around£20, but I’ve made my own Voodoo band with a bike innertube – I’ll get a video up soon to show how its done icon_smile Training/Injury update. Plans for PB s and how to resolve knee pain...

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