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Pre (mock) Meet Week update

What a boring ole week!  Leading up to my mock meet on Saturday, there isn’t a lot planned weight training wise this week. Monday I went in and did 3 sets of 8 reps @30% for squat, deadlift and bench… Continue Reading →

Video: Bench Press 72kg @ 71.6kg bodyweight


4 September 2012, Week 3 Cycle 2 Overhead Press

With my new-found energy I figured I try a switch back to 4 day workout week.  Today was overhead press and I also made a decision to up the weight more than previously planned, it’s not something that is recommended… Continue Reading →

3 September 2012, Week 2 Cycle 2 Squat

My last squat session wasn’t so great and I only managed two of the five reps I had planned at 127kg.  Not being able to lift weights I know I am capable of always knocks my confidence but with my… Continue Reading →

Wendler Week 1.1 Cycle 2 Squatting, Olympic lifts and Headstands

Hmm, not the best workout ever today.  The major problem with having a set routine and working out in a gym with only one rack/bench is if someone is there first you are screwed!  It becomes more of a problem… Continue Reading →

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