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Video: Upper/Lower Split workout

I’ll do a proper video blog about this when I have some free time, but in the meantime – here’s what is happening… If you’ve read my blog or watched my videos before you’ll have seen my constant moaning about… Continue Reading →

Video: D1W2 Candito 6 Week Strength w/commentary

This is the start of week 2, which is apparently higher difficulty than week 1. Not really what I want to hear when the first week felt like it might kill me… First set of squats was a max rep… Continue Reading →

Video: D3,4,5W1 Candito 6 Week Strength w/ Commentary

This is a 3 days worth of training rolled into one. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Thursday was a repeat of Tuesday with a slight change to the accessories. I’ve switched back to rowing from the floor and seated barbell overhead… Continue Reading →

Video: 256 Days Out D2W1 Candito 6 Week Strength w/ Commentary

Bench Press – warm up 10 x 20kg, 5 x 32.5kg, 3 x 37.5kg, 1 x 40kg, 1 x 45kg, 1 x 47.5kg Bench Press 10 x 51kg 112lbs 10 x 69kg 8 x 76.5kg 6 x 79kg Barbell Row… Continue Reading →

Video: D1W1 Candito 6 Week Strength with Commentary (take2)

Squat – warm up 5 x 60kg, 3 x 75kg, 1 x 100kg, 1 x 120kg, 1 x 140kg Squat 6 x 164kg 361lbs (with wraps) 4 x 160kg 370lbs (with wraps) 5 x 155kg 361lbs (with wraps) 4 x 151kg… Continue Reading →

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