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Video: Cube W1W1 – Bench Press

So it looks like I’ve started the cube a week early.  I’d taken a few days off since my last training session on Friday and thought I’d test my biceps with a press workout and as I had the cube set and ready to go…

I’m moving squats to the Monday, so it does mean I miss the first heavy squat session but I’m sure I’ll survive.

After watching a JTS/Brandon Lilly video on bench press I’ve added some extra band movements at the start of my warmup to get my shoulders going a lot more. I think that a lot of my bicep issues stem from shoulder/chest tightness so I’m hoping this with a whole heap of stretching is going to make a big difference.

Although my shoulders felt tight in the workout, my biceps felt fine throughout and even now as I’m writing this, still no pain.

Bench Press – Warmup
20 x 20kg, 10 x 25kg, 8 x 30kg, 5 x 35kg, 3 x 45kg, 1 x 55kg, 1 x 60kg, 1 x 65kg

Bench Press – Paused
3 sets, 8 x 70kg 154lbs

Close Grip Press – Paused
3 sets, 10 x 65kg 143lbs

Board Press – Paused
3 sets, 5 x 65kg 143lbs

Bench Press – Slingshot
9 x 77kg 170lbs

Straight Arm Pulldown
4 sets, 15reps

Side/Front DB Raise
3 sets, 10reps

Face Pull
3 sets, 15reps

Incline DB Press
3 sets, 15reps

Plank on stability ball
4 sets, failure


Video: Deadlifts and Squats

I had 190kg triples in my head for today, but that wasn’t to be.  Not sure if I’ve just lost a bit of strength or maybe I just haven’t recovered from deadlifts on Monday…

We have lovely new iron plates in the gym which is nice.  But they definitely feel heavier than the old rubber coated ones, the 20’s are a little shorter too, so maybe that is my excuses for being weaker this morning?

For some reason I lacked the ability to count this morning as well.  In my head, 2 20kg plates and a 20kg bar was 40kg.  Then when I thought I was pulling 170, it was 140…

I also discovered today that deadlifting with a big buckled belt is considerably more comfortable if you spin the buckle around! No more digging in to my belly :)

The plan was to alternate between heavy squats and light deadlifts and heavy deadlifts and light squats, but I’m still trying to get the weights right so didn’t feel like I hit the right amount of volume today.  Wasn’t helped by me testing low bar squats, which I did without bicep pain for the first time in months!


Video: Paused Olympic Squat, Paused Deadlift, Romanian Deadlift

I’ve avoided low bar squats for about a week now as I try to help my bicep tendinitis heal, they still nag me a little bit – but nothing like they did before.  I thought I’d give Olympic High Bar Squats a try today and I was able to squat without pain (whoop!).  Weight wasn’t very heavy at 100kg so I added in a long pause at the bottom to increase the difficulty a bit.

I’d planned to do 3 sets of Paused Sumo Deadlifts afterwards, the idea being I’d save my lower back (as I’m deadlifting twice a week) but with my rubbish sumo technique it didn’t make much difference so I switched back to conventional for the last set.

I did Romanian Deadlifts instead of Stiff Legged afterwards to try and get a bit more work out of my glutes.

Finished off with 3 sets of leg curls and extensions with a relatively light weight but 15 reps with a good squeeze.

Paused Olympic Squat

8 x 100kg 220lbs (with belt)
7 x 100kg 220lbs (no belt)
8 x 100kg 220lbs (with belt)

Paused Sumo Deadlift
8 x 130kg 286lbs
8 x 130kg 286lbs

Paused Deadlift
8 x 130kg 286lbs

Romanian Deadlift
8 x 100kg 220lbs (no belt)
8 x 100kg 220lbs (with belt)
8 x 100kg 220lbs (with belt)

Leg Curl
3 x 15

Leg Extension
3 x 15