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Video: D1W2 Candito 6 Week Strength w/commentary

This is the start of week 2, which is apparently higher difficulty than week 1. Not really what I want to hear when the first week felt like it might kill me… First set of squats was a max rep… Continue Reading →

Video: D3,4,5W1 Candito 6 Week Strength w/ Commentary

This is a 3 days worth of training rolled into one. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Thursday was a repeat of Tuesday with a slight change to the accessories. I’ve switched back to rowing from the floor and seated barbell overhead… Continue Reading →

Video: D1W1 Candito 6 Week Strength with Commentary (take2)

Squat – warm up 5 x 60kg, 3 x 75kg, 1 x 100kg, 1 x 120kg, 1 x 140kg Squat 6 x 164kg 361lbs (with wraps) 4 x 160kg 370lbs (with wraps) 5 x 155kg 361lbs (with wraps) 4 x 151kg… Continue Reading →

Video: D1W1 Candito 6 Week Strength

As I started plugging the numbers into the Candito 6 Week Strength spreadsheet last week I knew that the first workout was going to be fun. I figured that even though my 1RM was with wraps I should at least attempt… Continue Reading →

Video: Squat 195kg/430lbs end of 3rd Cube Cycle

The end of another (my third) Cube Robbie Method! I’m managed to just about lose one niggle and pick up several more,  I’m guessing this is what it is to Powerlift though. Thinking ahead to the next few weeks, I… Continue Reading →

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