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Video: 215kg Deadlift PB, 227kg 500lb fail :(

I know I should be pretty happy with today, I pulled a PB after all.  But all the little things I did wrong are niggling in the back of my head and I (probably) should have pulled a bit more…. Continue Reading →

Video: Heavy Bench, Close Grip PB + Crappy Spoto Press

I need to start putting like words and stuff in here again… Bicep is generally feeling better, still hurting a bit after Squat day though.  I’ve made some diet adjustments that I’ll record a video about soon and a small… Continue Reading →

The Cube Method Mock Meet (205kg Squat and 210kg Deadlift)

Squat (warm up) 8 x 20kg 6 x 50kg 3 x 70kg 1 x 90kg 1 x 110kg 1 x 140kg 1 x 160kg 1 x 180kg Squat 1 x 200kg 441lbs 1 x 205kg 452lbs Deadlift (warm up) 5… Continue Reading →

VLOG#015 | The Cube Method Week 10 Mock Meet

Finally!  The light workouts in the week preceding the mock meet drove me crazy.  As well as giving a good chance to rest however, it did leave me chomping at the bit to lift some heavy stuff! I’d managed however… Continue Reading →

Not so shit squats :) Cube Method 365Strong Week3 Wave1

Much better squat workout today, feeling stronger and depth on all the lifts far improved from last week.  Messed around with glute bridges yesterday and am now incorporating them in lower body warm-ups. Hopefully they should help get my glutes… Continue Reading →

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