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Video: I have pressing matters to deal with Powerlifting Bench Press Cube Method

So I spent most of Tuesday watching bench press (and deadlift) videos via the PowerliftingToWin YouTube channel and from this I had a lot of little tweaks to test out. I’d already decided to cut the 1RM I was working… Continue Reading →

Video: Explosive squats that aren’t all that explosive…

Not a bad workout today, it was meant to be explosive but with my ongoing bicep tendon pain I find getting too much pop at the top of the squat aggravates it even more.   I think a lot of the cause is… Continue Reading →

Blog Post: Positive Thinking from Now – Bench Press

My poor pressing feels like a never ending problem – but from this point on it won’t be! If I rewind a few months, things were feeling quite positive.  Then I stepped into the Macenko program and that’s where things started… Continue Reading →

VLOG: Back in the Video Logging game and first car cam

Blog Post: Bench Press Reps Cube Method Mk3

The plan this week was to skip the press day in an attempt to save my bicep tendon’s some abuse.  But they felt pretty good last night so that plan was quickly forgotten about. The new plan was to stop… Continue Reading →

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