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Video: Upper/Lower Split workout

I’ll do a proper video blog about this when I have some free time, but in the meantime – here’s what is happening… If you’ve read my blog or watched my videos before you’ll have seen my constant moaning about… Continue Reading →

Video: I have pressing matters to deal with Powerlifting Bench Press Cube Method

So I spent most of Tuesday watching bench press (and deadlift) videos via the PowerliftingToWin YouTube channel and from this I had a lot of little tweaks to test out. I’d already decided to cut the 1RM I was working… Continue Reading →

Video: Explosive squats that aren’t all that explosive…

Not a bad workout today, it was meant to be explosive but with my ongoing bicep tendon pain I find getting too much pop at the top of the squat aggravates it even more.   I think a lot of the cause is… Continue Reading →

Blog Post: Positive Thinking from Now – Bench Press

My poor pressing feels like a never ending problem – but from this point on it won’t be! If I rewind a few months, things were feeling quite positive.  Then I stepped into the Macenko program and that’s where things started… Continue Reading →

VLOG: Back in the Video Logging game and first car cam

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