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6 August 2012, Week 1 Cycle 2 Overhead Press

I clearly need to put my phone on do not disturb whilst in the gym – distractions lead to me messing up my programming!  Somehow I managed to miss a warm up set and a whole five sets of ten overhead press!  Oops ;)

Overhead squats have now found a permanent home (in between warm up sets for overhead press) and I did a single set of power snatch too.  Clearly my power snatching needs some work though as I wasn’t getting full extension and ended up pressing the weight a little on most reps.  This really needs to be addressed before I move on to full snatches (which I have less problems with – probably because it makes the weight easier).

Used my new wrist wraps today (only on the heaviest set of OHP and for chin ups) and they are great!  If nothing else they make me feel like some kind of gladiator.  300 eat your heart out ;)

Overhead Press
5 x 20kg
5 x 24kg
3 x 31kg
5 x 36kg
5 x 41kg

Power Snatch
10 x 30kg

Chin Up

Overhead Squat
10 x 20kg
10 x 24kg
10 x 31kg