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Video: 100kg Bench Press PB 30th October 2013. Wendler 531 week 3

Finally! Not the smoothest rep I’ve ever done, and a bit of a wobble on my belly on the pause – but I’ve got a 100kg bench to my name. Wasn’t the best training session, and definitely wasn’t feeling like… Continue Reading →

Article: 9 Amazing exercises every woman should do for a better body (men read this too!)

Before I list the exercises please read these very important notes. When lifting weights you should be lifting heavy.  And yes, that includes women.  Before you start telling me you don’t want to be bulky or have big muscles please… Continue Reading →

15 August, Week 1.1 Cycle 2 Overhead Press

I made a decision to attempt training today and I’m glad I did.  I felt pretty strong throughout and it was a good workout.  I had hoped to take a video of my overhead press to check my form but… Continue Reading →

14 August 2012, Bone cracking Osteopaths, electro acupuncture and some cardio

Had my first appointment with Jason Houghton Osteopath yesterday and it went well and I came out very positive from the feedback I got.  I like to think that I am the kind of client that people enjoy seeing; I… Continue Reading →

11 August 2012, Cardio and Squidgy fat…

Bodyweight at 73.8kg this morning so still dropping pretty quickly (despite 3200 calories a day!) and the layer of fat on my belly has become squishy, especially around the belly button where it was quite firm before.  A bit of… Continue Reading →

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