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4 September 2012, Week 3 Cycle 2 Overhead Press

With my new-found energy I figured I try a switch back to 4 day workout week.  Today was overhead press and I also made a decision to up the weight more than previously planned, it’s not something that is recommended but I really felt like the weight was too low (although I am sure I will regret it in a few cycles…)

Diet feels better, the carbs are fuelling my workouts nicely and I don’t feel tired through the day anymore.  My weight is still dropping, but it has definitely stalled a little.  I’m sure the pre workout carbs is going to mess with the weight a little as I am sure to be holding a little extra water.  I will drop the calories a few hundred anyway and see if I can kickstart the fat burning again.  I haven’t done much cardio lately so that could be another reason.

Overhead Press 
5 x 20kg
5 x 24kg
3 x 28.5kg
5 x 36kg
3 x 40.5kg
2 x 47.5kg *pb*
5 x 10 x 25kg

Chin Up



15 August, Week 1.1 Cycle 2 Overhead Press

I made a decision to attempt training today and I’m glad I did.  I felt pretty strong throughout and it was a good workout.  I had hoped to take a video of my overhead press to check my form but it was a bit too busy for that.  Another good reason for a home gym!  Saw a gym friend who I haven’t seen for 3/4 weeks and the first thing they said was how conditioned I looked, little comments like that definitely make it worthwhile and dieting easier.  I have also put back on the 1kg I lost yesterday (minus 200g) so this was just water.  It shows just how much difference it can make.

I wasn’t sure what to do with the programming of my training after last week but I think I have decided now what to do (at least for now).  I am going with the Monday Wednesday Friday Monday idea and have started week 1 of cycle 2 again.  Will see how I feel at the end of the weeks last workout and decide if I want to move to week 2 or not (I think I might just go for it and see what happens).  Weightlifting is (surprisingly to some) as much a mental game as anything else so I think approaching the coming weeks with the right attitude will make a huge difference.

An order for some gymnastic rings was made yesterday through eBay, hopefully they don’t take too long to arrive – I want to start skinning the cat!

Week 1.1 Cycle 2 Overhead Press

Overhead Squat
10 x 20kg
10 x 24kg
10 x 31kg

Overhead Press
5 x 20kg
5 x 24kg
3 x 31kg
5 x 36kg
5 x 41kg
6 x 10 x 27kg

Chin Up

L Sit
5 x 15secs




14 August 2012, Bone cracking Osteopaths, electro acupuncture and some cardio

Had my first appointment with Jason Houghton Osteopath yesterday and it went well and I came out very positive from the feedback I got.  I like to think that I am the kind of client that people enjoy seeing; I come with a full description of what hurts and when, my own ideas about why it hurts and what I need to do to remedy it.  Apparently my posture, shoulder flexibility and strength are all good; which is great if a little surprising.

Treatment involved having my spine and neck cracked which was a bizarre experience!  Apparently I was the easiest person to crack in 5 years – I guess that’s a good thing!  Also had some electro acupuncture and I’m glad I saw the needles afterwards.

We think the problem is just a mild muscle sprain which is aggravating the ulnar nerve, so it should just sort itself out with a little rest.  In addition (despite my posture being good – that’s probably because I was thinking about it in the appointment!) I have started leaving posture cues around the house.  Masking tape and sharpie markers are very useful :).  To help me when using my laptop I have pumped up an old gym ball to sit out – should be good for my core too.

I have lost a whole kg (Down to 73.8kg) since yesterday, not really sure how though as my calories are the same and I didn’t work out at all.  One theory is a water loss from the no exercising – but I don’t imagine I had much to lose in the first place!  Will be interesting to see what I come in at tomorrow. I’m looking forward to filling up with water at the end of dieting and hopefully being cut and full…

Another gym rest day today, so had myself a 7.19km walk instead before breakfast.

11 August 2012, Cardio and Squidgy fat…

Bodyweight at 73.8kg this morning so still dropping pretty quickly (despite 3200 calories a day!) and the layer of fat on my belly has become squishy, especially around the belly button where it was quite firm before.  A bit of internet research suggests this is the stage before it disappears!  Woo – goodbye belly fat hello full set of abs ;)

Looking to make another tweak to my diet tomorrow when I’m due to have a cook up.  Plan is to use less chicken and replace with a couple of eggs.  Why?  To increase the overall fat calories (to help with Ketosis).  Will save a few £’s a week too.

An old injury seems to have reappeared over the last week where a muscle somewhere around the Rhomboid region feels either like its permanently engaged or its trapped.  I can’t seem to get my roller to release it and its giving me nerve problems in my hand/arm again (pins and needles in the fingers).  Not really sure what to do, I’d rather not have to get professional help as it could end up costing a fortune.  Heat therapy and continued rollering for now.

Just a little 6.74km walk around the block for cardio this morning, lovely weather for it!

8 August 2012, Diet tweaking, low carbs and brain fog.

I decided to listen to my body today and stay in bed, the low calories/carbs and strength training is really knocking my ability to recover from workouts.  As well as a day off I have added some extra calories back into my diet and removed some more carbs by removing the apple and replacing it with another 200ml of coconut oil (so adding another 400 calories).  The changes feel like they have made a difference today with my head being a lot less foggy (although this could be me just getting more used to the low carbs) and I didn’t feel as tired so early.  If I’m honest weight loss has been probably a little too quick (200g overnight) so adding some extra calories should help slow it a little.  After doing some reading on Ketosis I think my protein/fat ratios are a bit out (protein too high) so I may have a few more tweaks to come.

Weigh in this morning puts me at 74.4kg with the second row of abs just about starting to poke through.  I hope I don’t have to lose too much more as I don’t like the feeling of being smaller.