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20 August 2012, Week 1.1 Cycle 2 Bench Press. Also one handed handstands…

The update on the parallette building from yesterday is not a good one with our first attempts not quite working to plan. Back to the drawing board on that one. I did however have a nice 6k morning walk for some cardio and did some unsupported headstands.

Today was a great workout; I felt strong for the bench press (although my wrists were a little sore from the rings still) and had no problem hitting all the prescribed weights.

Bench Press
5 x 28kg
5 x 35kg
3 x 42kg
5 x 46kg
5 x 53kg
5 x 60kg
5 x 10 x 38kg

Dumbbell Row
5 x 10 x 24kg

I decided to have a play about with some more headstands after the main workout, as I could use one of the big mats in the studio to help break any falls. Getting up into and holding a headstand is getting easier and I am happy holding the position for a good amount of time (I really should count to see how long). After messing about with the headstands I figured a wall supported handstand could be a good idea. As I was shimmying back to the wall on my hands I realised I was able to hold my weight on one arm so thought I would see if I could…

One handed handstand
One handed handstand – wall supported


And apparently I can!

After handstands I worked on my L-Sit.  I am trying to keep my hips up but cannot do that with both legs straight so worked on just holding the position and then putting out one foot at a time.  Since getting home I have been upside down a lot – I could be addicted :D

Next step is to get my handstand away from the wall on two hands.  I need to walk before I run…


14 August 2012, Bone cracking Osteopaths, electro acupuncture and some cardio

Had my first appointment with Jason Houghton Osteopath yesterday and it went well and I came out very positive from the feedback I got.  I like to think that I am the kind of client that people enjoy seeing; I come with a full description of what hurts and when, my own ideas about why it hurts and what I need to do to remedy it.  Apparently my posture, shoulder flexibility and strength are all good; which is great if a little surprising.

Treatment involved having my spine and neck cracked which was a bizarre experience!  Apparently I was the easiest person to crack in 5 years – I guess that’s a good thing!  Also had some electro acupuncture and I’m glad I saw the needles afterwards.

We think the problem is just a mild muscle sprain which is aggravating the ulnar nerve, so it should just sort itself out with a little rest.  In addition (despite my posture being good – that’s probably because I was thinking about it in the appointment!) I have started leaving posture cues around the house.  Masking tape and sharpie markers are very useful :).  To help me when using my laptop I have pumped up an old gym ball to sit out – should be good for my core too.

I have lost a whole kg (Down to 73.8kg) since yesterday, not really sure how though as my calories are the same and I didn’t work out at all.  One theory is a water loss from the no exercising – but I don’t imagine I had much to lose in the first place!  Will be interesting to see what I come in at tomorrow. I’m looking forward to filling up with water at the end of dieting and hopefully being cut and full…

Another gym rest day today, so had myself a 7.19km walk instead before breakfast.

1 August 2012, Walk Wednesday

So today I walked to work, seeing as I only do cardio on a Wednesday and “Walk Wednesday” sounds pretty catchy I thought why the heck not.  It’s not a particularly long way (5.75km) and it didn’t really take me that long (1hour) and I really quite enjoyed it.  It would have been a better journey however were I not feeling a bit under the weather and I had been able to drop my huge bag at work the day before – I had flash backs to being a tiny paperboy with a heavy heavy bag again!

With me not feeling great I’ve decided to take tomorrow and Friday off (or at least I say that now) and am shortly off to bed…

29 July 2012, Monkey business!

Had a well-earned rest day yesterday, far too tired to get up at 5am so had a lay in till 830; although I suspect that 830 isn’t what most would call a lay in!

I’ve been buying chicken fillets from Westin Gourmet until last weekend when I discovered a place in Norwich called Burgers Plus.  5kg of chicken breast for £25 is a bargain and the quality turned out to be really good.  It’s locally sourced and the breasts aren’t full of water.  They also aren’t mutant chicken sized – I always worry about overly big breasts…  I also decided to see if Aldi had any food that I’d like, last time I went there I was a Vegan so it didn’t do much for me as I don’t want  biscuits, crisps and wheel trims; this time however I picked up some Lean Steak Mince.  The back of the packaging shows a farmer who has reared grass-fed cattle for x years but it doesn’t actually say it is grass-fed meat so I’m only hoping it is?  I’ve cooked and eaten some today and its pretty damn good – and a saving over the normal lean organic mince I buy from Sainsburys.

There was some discussion on facebook yesterday about locations of monkey bars in Norwich and I went in search of them this morning. Unfortunately, public parks seem to get locked up and not unlocked until 10am!  Tried Sparhawk park but the gate was a little high, fortunately Catton Recreation ground only has a little gate :).  They have 2 sets of bars there – one of which is the right size for a big kid like me :).

After a fool about on the bars I had a walk through Mousehold heath, stopping to do pull ups, chin ups and hanging leg raises where ever I found a suitable branch. The rest of the morning has been spent upside down in wall supported hand stands and doing L sits, chin ups, pull ups, hanging leg raises and some shoulder flexibility work.

22 July 2012, Urban extreme walking

What an awesome workout! Bit of fast paced walking (ok a lot of fast paced walking) around the local park and woodlands then a trip around the business park for some stair climbing, pull ups on bike sheds, dips on bike racks :)

So not having a gym is no excuse!

Not sure on the exact distance I covered as my phone went a bit doolally with the GPS (it thought that I had covered 23miles!). So its a conservative estimate…



Stair climbing:

Pull up bar
More stairs:
More pull ups: