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20 August 2012, Week 1.1 Cycle 2 Bench Press. Also one handed handstands…

The update on the parallette building from yesterday is not a good one with our first attempts not quite working to plan. Back to the drawing board on that one. I did however have a nice 6k morning walk for… Continue Reading →

14 August 2012, Bone cracking Osteopaths, electro acupuncture and some cardio

Had my first appointment with Jason Houghton Osteopath yesterday and it went well and I came out very positive from the feedback I got.  I like to think that I am the kind of client that people enjoy seeing; I… Continue Reading →

1 August 2012, Walk Wednesday

So today I walked to work, seeing as I only do cardio on a Wednesday and “Walk Wednesday” sounds pretty catchy I thought why the heck not.  It’s not a particularly long way (5.75km) and it didn’t really take me… Continue Reading →

29 July 2012, Monkey business!

Had a well-earned rest day yesterday, far too tired to get up at 5am so had a lay in till 830; although I suspect that 830 isn’t what most would call a lay in! I’ve been buying chicken fillets from… Continue Reading →

22 July 2012, Urban extreme walking

What an awesome workout! Bit of fast paced walking (ok a lot of fast paced walking) around the local park and woodlands then a trip around the business park for some stair climbing, pull ups on bike sheds, dips on… Continue Reading →

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