4 September 2012, Week 3 Cycle 2 Overhead Press

With my new-found energy I figured I try a switch back to 4 day workout week.  Today was overhead press and I also made a decision to up the weight more than previously planned, it’s not something that is recommended but I really felt like the weight was too low (although I am sure I will regret it in a few cycles…)

Diet feels better, the carbs are fuelling my workouts nicely and I don’t feel tired through the day anymore.  My weight is still dropping, but it has definitely stalled a little.  I’m sure the pre workout carbs is going to mess with the weight a little as I am sure to be holding a little extra water.  I will drop the calories a few hundred anyway and see if I can kickstart the fat burning again.  I haven’t done much cardio lately so that could be another reason.

Overhead Press 
5 x 20kg
5 x 24kg
3 x 28.5kg
5 x 36kg
3 x 40.5kg
2 x 47.5kg *pb*
5 x 10 x 25kg

Chin Up