3 September 2012, Week 2 Cycle 2 Squat

My last squat session wasn’t so great and I only managed two of the five reps I had planned at 127kg.  Not being able to lift weights I know I am capable of always knocks my confidence but with my secret TKD (Targeted Keto Diet) carbohydrates to power me and a nice shiny new belt from www.zuluglove.com I had high hopes this morning!

The extra energy definitely made a difference (although the workout still felt especially hard – maybe more carbs needed?) and the belt felt fantastic (review to come soon).

I’m still not sure how to properly programme in all the different things I want to practice/workout.  Why isn’t the week longer?

Barbell Squat
5 x 60kg
5 x 75kg
3 x 90kg
3 x 105kg
3 x 120kg
3 x 134kg
5 x 10 x 80kg

Seated Leg Curl
5 x 10 x 50kg