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Video: The Cube Method W2W1 Bench Press – Heavy

With some pain back in my biceps (mostly the left one as before) I was a bit concerned about how it would feel during the workout.  I think I’ve just been a little silly and added too much push too… Continue Reading →

Video: Cube W2W1 Squat Reps

I wasn’t prepared for the hideous full leg DOMS I now have the day after squatting! DOMS isn’t something I usually suffer from, but clearly during the break from The Cube my legs have forgotten how to deal with a good… Continue Reading →

Video: Cube Method W1W1 – Explosive Deadlift | Powerlifting Training

New iron plates, why you feel so much heavier? Or maybe my deadlift has gone to s**t! Despite things feeling a little tougher than I’d have hoped, today was a positive workout.  Last time I did any explosive deadlifts they… Continue Reading →

Video: Cube W1W1 – Bench Press

So it looks like I’ve started the cube a week early.  I’d taken a few days off since my last training session on Friday and thought I’d test my biceps with a press workout and as I had the cube… Continue Reading →

Video: 160kg Paused Squat and Deadlifts

I may have spoken too soon when it came to squatting without bicep pain.  After Monday’s workout they started to groan a little and where throbbing by Tuesday. However I’ve thought further about bar and hand position, which I tested… Continue Reading →

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