Blog Post: Bench Press Reps Cube Method Mk3

The plan this week was to skip the press day in an attempt to save my bicep tendon’s some abuse.  But they felt pretty good last night so that plan was quickly forgotten about.

The new plan was to stop doing anything that hurt and I sort of kept to it.  The first 4 sets of presses were planned as paused, but I expected that to put more strain on my arms so they became touch and go and felt pretty good (no doubt helped by a slightly lighter bar grip than usual).

Close grip presses were pretty much the same, but there was a definite niggle, not enough to make me stop though. The Spoto press I cut short (half the reps) however as this is where my arms were really beginning to tell me to stop.

I went ahead with the slingshot sets, again with the reps cut short.  This was as much to test for bicep pain with the slingshot (as maybe it could be a tool to help with recovery) but I can’t say it made much difference!  Missed off the +30% set and only did half reps.

I was a little surprised with the landmine presses, I could feel my biceps getting a good squeeze, but it didn’t make them hurt.  Win Win?!

Unfortunately, what should have been a (surprisingly) good workout was tainted with my upper back cramping/pulling (not sure which still) putting a relatively light dumbbell back on the rack.  FML! #firstworldpowerliftingproblems

Bench Press (warm up)
8 x 35kg, 5 x 40kg, 3 x 50kg, 1 x 60kg, 1 x 65kg

Bench Press
4 sets, 8 x 76.5kg 169lbs

Close Grip Press
2 sets, 6 x 82kg 181lbs

Spoto Press
2 sets, 5 x 71kg 157lbs

Bench Press (with slingshot)
5 x 84kg 185lbs
5 x 92kg 203lbs

Landmine Press 3 x 10

DB Floor Press 3 x 10

Heavy Deadlifts – The Robbie Method 22 April 2014

I was looking at what I had planned to do today and the only noise that seems appropriate was “urgh”.
3 days after my mock meet (which included multiple deadlift fails at 210kg) probably wasn’t the best time to do a heavy deadlift session.  But I coped last time so how hard could it be?
Oh hang on, the heaviest stuff is all from the floor now.
And there is paused deadlifts to start with an additional set.
I’m not one to shy away from a grinder of a workout though and it wasn’t really that bad.  Looking back at the paused lifts, its obvious straight away that my hips are coming up a little bit too quickly.  Its something that was improved but seems to have creeped back in.
I decided to sling my belt on for the deadlifts from the floor,the mock meet highlighted how I need to get used to wearing it for deadlifts and figure out how to get my hips lower with it on.  The first set of three looks a bit sh*t (because it is), but with the belt worn looser the following set (I think) was improved.
Deficits were the same as usual, tough and the rest is all pretty boring accessory  work.
Very, very, very tired now though!
Deadlift (warm up)
8 x 32.5kg, 5 x 75kg, 3 x 100kg, 1 x 130kg, 1 x 140kg
Deadlift (paused at knee)
6 sets, 159.5kg 352lbs
Deadlift (conventional)
3 x 169kg 374lbs
3 x 179.5kg 396lbs
Deadlift (deficit)
2 sets, 6 x 159.5kg 352lbs
Barbell Shrug
3 sets, 10 x 140kg
Barbell Row
3 sets, 10 x 80kg
Standing Cable Crunch
4 sets, 15 x 28kg
Calf Raise (on leg press)
4 sets, 12 x 140kg

The Cube Method Mock Meet (205kg Squat and 210kg Deadlift)

Squat (warm up)

8 x 20kg
6 x 50kg
3 x 70kg
1 x 90kg
1 x 110kg
1 x 140kg
1 x 160kg
1 x 180kg
1 x 200kg 441lbs
1 x 205kg 452lbs
Deadlift (warm up)
5 x 70kg
3 x 90kg
1 x 120kg
1 x 140kg
1 x 160kg
1 x 180kg
1 x 210kg 463lbs